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More and more around the world, the electric motorbike is growing in popularity. With battery technology improving every year, as well as the price of fuel and the environmental impacts of typical motorcycles becoming increasingly important factors, it makes a lot of sense why electrical motorbikes are flying out of dealerships in 2022.

In fact, while the electric motorcycle or electric scooter has been popular in parts of Asia plus Europe for years already, Australia is now experiencing a surge of interest in electric vehicles too. Electric cars are already quite popular, but the real growth was seen in electric motorbikes, which saw an increase in registrations by 107% in 2021 (compared to 59% growth for cars). If you’ve ever considered an electric motorbike, there’s never been a better time to take the particular plunge.

Just as people are usually transitioning in order to electric motorcycles instead of internal combustion engine motorcycles, typically the same shift is occurring in the world of electric powered scooters as well. Depending on what you need your electric powered vehicle with regard to, an electric scooter could be even better than an electric power motorbike regarding commuting in the city or just getting around town.

electric motorbike

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Before we get into the details of what makes the best power motorcycles, it’s worth considering the few things to make sure you’re getting the right type of electric power bike intended for your needs. As with any type of vehicle, there is a huge range of different electric bikes, from off-road bikes in addition to road racers to less powerful electronic vehicles to get commuting, all of which have their own pros and cons.

Things To Consider Before You Buy An Electric Motorbike:


With all kinds associated with electric vehicles, the range they offer is very important. There’s nothing worse compared to running out of gas or charge, and depending on the types regarding rides you need to be able to do, the product range can be a critical factor.

If you’re looking for you to commute a new few kilometres each way from home to work each day, range won’t become as important as you’ll likely end up being quite close to some sort of charging station wherever you are. However, if you need to get on a highway for your commute, or are expecting to ride an electric sports bike on the weekends for fun, having the longest range is a good idea. Depending on the bicycle, the range can differ from 30kms between charges up to 175kms+ before a person need to cost again, so consider where and how an individual want to help ride your electric motorbike before you get out there your wallet.

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

Top speed

Top speed isn’t as important because range, because most of the time you will be restricted by velocity limits upon public roads anyway. However, if you like to go fast within the law and want the same kind involving kick as you’re used to if you’ve previously ridden non-electric motorbikes, then power is something to think about.

Especially if you intend to ride your own electric motorcycle on a highway, or require to cover larger distances than anyone might if you only rode in the city, then power and performance matter. Most of the best electrical motorcycles that offer more power will typically deliver 100Hp and around 100Nm connected with torque.

Charging speed

One of the biggest differences in the day-to-day experience of using an power vehicle is the fact that charging currently takes a good lot longer than pulling up to the petrol station. Even the best electric bikes take among two and even six hours for this battery in order to charge completely, so it is worth looking at exactly where you will be able to charge your EV bike.

Ideally, you’ll have somewhere to cost your electric motorcycle at home, but if you don’t have off-street parking, then it may be important to know where your current local charging stations are. In addition, if you have any fast getting stations that are conveniently located, they will reduce the charging time further.

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

Servicing & Spare Parts

Just like your car or even normal motorcycle, your electric powered motorcycle will need to be able to be repaired and serviced every now and then. As the electric powered motorcycle market for Australian riders will be still developing, not almost all manufacturers possess retailers or perhaps authorised service centres locally, which can make it more challenging for you to get your own personal bike fixed if anything goes wrong. Therefore , it’s worth investigating which brands have specific servicing infrastructure established, to help ensure anything that needs repairing or servicing can be done as quickly and painlessly as possible.


With regard to most with us, price is one for the leading factors within any decision-making process. You don’t want to put yourself under any kind of financial pressure, so take the proper time for you to research often the best-value electrical motorcycles for your needs. As you’d expect, a fast and powerful electric sports bike is going to set you back the most, whereas smaller and more modestly effective electric scooters are generally a lot more affordable.

Different terrain/uses

The question of wherever you want to ride your electric powered motorbike is usually central to the cycle you end up buying. If you’re looking for a commuter, your decision will be even more straightforward while the majority of electric motorbikes and electric power scooters are designed exactly for that purpose. However , if you are keen in order to get away into nature and trip off-road, you are going to need to be able to seek out an electric motor cycle that is built specifically for that terrain.

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure


There are a lot of different designs in your world about EV motor bikes, so it is very important to pick out a bike that you are getting to look forward to riding every day. Because electronic motorcycles don’t have a traditional engine or maybe fuel tank, designers aren’t restricted within the same ways and gives the opportunity to create interesting together with unusual-looking bikes. Bikes such as the exact Cake Kalk& and the Savic C-Series both have very different, but equally exciting styles, so looking at a wide range in different power class bikes is a good idea.

Now that we’ve covered a few of the things for you to consider before you pull the trigger on an electric motorcycle or electric scooter, let’s get in to ten from our favourites on the particular market right now.

10 Of The Best Electric Motorcycles On The particular Market:

Tarform Racer Edition

electric motorbike

Fans of typically the cafe racer motorbike design will love exactly what Tarform is definitely building in the moment, with two options available inside the Racer Edition as well as the Scrambler Edition. The brand operates under a strictly sustainable ethos, evident in the recycled aluminium, biodegradable leather and additionally cutting-edge plant-based materials they use including bio-based resin to reduce the use of petrochemical as well as reinforced panelling made from flax seed.

The Tarform Racer Edition is this road riding offering through the brand name, which boasts a 0-100kph time of 3. 8 seconds, Bluetooth connectivity some maximum range of more as compared to 190kms not to mention a battery unit that can charge upward to 80% in just 50 minutes. Its electric motor is contained with a compelling overall design, featuring a blacked-out and aerodynamically shaped body topped with a brushed chrome seat and fuel cell unit that looks refreshingly raw and minimalistic.

If youre a fan of often the classic cafe racer style and are looking for a good electric motorbike with more than a bit of kick to it, the Tarform Racer Version is an option worth investigating.

Sondors Metacycle

electric motorbike

Typically the Sondors Metacycle is a great example of how electric bikes don’t have to follow your same design and style codes like standard bicycles. Boasting a fabulous large cut-out section inside the cast aluminium frame of the bike called an “exo-frame”, it delivers a pretty futuristic visual impression while also reportedly being safer and more comfortable to drive.

Beyond the exact cutting-edge layout of the frame, which is cast in a single piece and requires zero welding, the power unit of the Metacycle is similarly impressive as it contains an important battery along with 4000 Wh charging cells and a fast-charging system that will gets the electric battery to 80 percent in about 2 hours. This motor inside is a PMAC Hub Motor that provides 8 kW (11hp) associated with nominal power, reaching upwards to 14. 5 kilowatt (20hp) and getting you just under 130kms of variety from a single charge.

Often the Sondors Metacycle is a great bike if you happen to be after some thing with a persuasive design language, as well as delivering a decent amount regarding power seeing that the rubber meets the road.

Fonzarelli Arthur

electric motorbike

Not everyone needs an electric motorbike with a top rate that’ll make your eyes water, especially if all prepared looking for is a quality electric vehicle to commute on. If that sounds like you, then the Fonzarelli Arthur electric scooters could be for you.

Representing great value for what you’re getting, the particular Fonzarelli Arthur takes design classic design cues from the likes of Vespand translates them into an attractive and practical everyday electric scooter. Offering a range of around 100kms, it has a top speed of 85kph, 8kW of power and a deliberately designed low centre associated with gravity for improved stability and safety. Fonzarelli estimates the Arthur to cost around $1 per week to run, with a solid charging capacity of between 60%-80% in just one hour.

If you want an electric scooter that looks great, is functional plus efficient, as well as being cost-effective to run, then make sure a person add typically the Fonzarelli Arthur to your shortlist.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

electric motorbike

Harley-Davidson probably isn’t this first brand that comes to mind when an individual think of high-performance electric motorbikes, but that’s exactly what often the LiveWire will be. The LiveWire certainly isn’t the cheapest bike on this list, but it is jam-packed with exciting features and offers an excellent riding experience, and also looking every bit your part you’d expect from a Harley-Davidson.

Designed to deliver an aggressive riding position, the exact LiveWire arrives with four different driving settings that are sport, road, range, in addition to rain, each of which is usually specifically designed with regard to those using conditions. Depending on the ride mode you select, the power, throttle response and even traction control are all adjusted for giving riders the safest together with most enjoyable journey. In case that level of specificity wasn’t enough, the particular Harley-Davidson LiveWire delivers a maximum range of 235km regarding city operating, while typically the battery is definitely able to reach 80% charge in 40 minutes or 100% charge in an hr on the fast charger.

The LiveWire is a genuinely impressive electrical motorcycle from every angle, offering impressive power, great range and additionally speedy charging. However , it does hit the back pocket a new little more aggressively than most along with its RRP.

Energica EGO+ RS

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

If you love going fast and nothing but the best in performance sports bikes will do, then you’ll love the Energica EGO+ RS. First released back in 2013, the folks at Energica have been working hard for this best part of a decade to deliver incremental improvements that have resulted in the highest-performing electric motorcycle in often the world.

With a truly hair-raising 0-100kph time of 2. 6 seconds and a top velocity of 243kph, the EGO+ RS can be built regarding pace not to mention racing overall performance. All involving this industry-leading power is thanks in order to the high-energy lithium polymer battery, the Vehicle Control Unit and some sort of serious Regina 15/44 525 O-Ring Chain, all of which combine to provide unparalleled acceleration and also control.

When you’ve got an insatiable need intended for speed within your taste for street bikes, then look no further compared to the Energica EGO+ RS.

KTM Free Ride EX-C

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

If commuting is less connected with your focus and all you’re thinking about is getting out onto the trails, then your KTM Free Ride EX-C might be the exact perfect electric motorbike for you. KTM has a solid reputation for manufacturing typical motocross bikes as well as equipment, however the automaker has recently turned its attention and expertise toward the electric powered segment of the market to offer a fast and agile riding encounter.

The KTM Free Ride EX-C contains a brushless 18kW synchronous motor inside its lightweight and high-quality chassis, which is built to get the toughest of terrain. Selected pertaining to rough traveling environments are the WP XPLOR 43 front fork and the adjustable WP XPLOR PDS rear shock that offer 250 mm plus 260 mm of travel respectively, combined with the particular anodised aluminium rims in addition to 2021 FORMULA brakes meant for a smooth ride.

While heading out to the paths on the weekend might not be a good priority for everyone, the KTM Free Trip EX-C is certainly one to be able to consider if you can’t think about your better way to spend your spare time.

Savic C-Series Alpha

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

There’s absolutely nothing quite like hearing a homegrown success story, and the Melbourne-based team behind Savic Motorcycles is exactly that will. Founded inside 2018 by Dennis Savic, an ex-Ford Australia optimisation engineer, typically the brand describes itself as “Australia’s first high-performance electric powered motorcycle manufacturer, ” and even currently offers two models in this C-Series – the Delta as well as the Alpha.

With a design that echoes the cafe racer style of years gone by, the C-Series Alpha is the premium offering out with the two in-production versions, with some satisfying 0-100kph moments of 3. 5 seconds. The Alpha contains a power unit that spits out 60kW (80hp) with a range that extends beyond 200kms and 100% charging in around four and a half hours. It’s got solid performance, but the details are great too, including a push-button start for the electric motor, comfortable pillow seats and a range of customisable options to make the C-Series Alpha your own.

It’s a good thing to support local businesses, but it’s even better when the product is so compelling. Electric motorcycles might not be what you think of when you consider Australian manufacturing, but the Savic C-Series could play an important part in its future.

Zero Motorcycles FXE

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

The Zero Motorcycles FXE is a popular option among enthusiasts of electric motorbikes and it is easy to understand why. Designed in partnership with award-winning firm Huge Design, the FXE is an articulate blend associated with technological overall performance and aesthetic balance that will makes it one of the top bikes on the market.

The Zero Motorcycles FXE has a city riding range of around 160kms, a top speed regarding 132kph and cruising power of 15kW (21hp). Generating this power is the Z-Force Li-Ion intelligent integrated unit, which can be charged on a regular charger to 100% in a little under 10 hrs, or one hour and 20 minutes with regard to 95% charged on a fast charger.

While No Motorcycles only currently has one service agent inside Australia, the brand is well respected internationally plus the FXE is an exciting electrical motorbike from the brand.

Cake Kalk&

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

Cake has something of a cult following as an electric motorcycle manufacturer, loved by fanatics for its minimalist and function-forward designs, solid power in addition to variety of terrain that it can handle. In the world of electric motorbikes, the Cake Kalk& is also quite lightweight, making this an ideal bike for professional stunt and even trick riders to use.

This clean-looking bicycle still has the solid top speed of more than 95kph, despite the curb weight of just 79kgs, as well as delivering a decent range involving around 86kms. The electric motor puts out close to 252Nm connected with instant electric torque, which is made possible thanks to the powerful battery with premium lithium cells of which can be charged up in order to 80% in just two hours.

The Cake Kalk& arrives with no less than three different riding modes and three braking settings, giving you perfect control of the particular nimble cycle to ride however you want. If you like the look of their Öhlins three-staged air spring suspension forks that offer 204mm of travel, you’ll love riding typically the Kalk& everywhere you need that to take a person.

Evoke 6061

10 Of The Best Electric Motorbikes For Commuting, Racing Or Adventure

When speed and power are a priority, the Stimulate 6061 will be an excellent option to consider. The motorcycle has been designed with an aggressive cruiser shape regarding enjoying the city streets, while the technology housed within it makes it among the industry-leading high-performance electric motor bikes.

The top speed with 230kph is usually possible due to permanent magnet multi-wound synchronous motor the fact that delivers 120kW of power, which also has impressive staying power with a selection of 430kms while riding in the town. In case that wasn’t enough, it is 336. 0V DC battery pack is able to charge to be able to 80% in just 15 minutes, making it enormously practical together with convenient as well.

Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium, the Stir up 6061 should be on your list for you to consider if going fast is as important as fast charging and additionally practicality.

Electric Motorbike – Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric powered motorbikes legal in Australia?

Electric motorbikes are legal to help ride within Australia, however , you will need a new motorbike licence to trip one upon public roads.

What is definitely the maximum speed of an electric motorcycle?

British company White  Motorcycle  Concepts (WMC) has created an electric motorbike that is capable of speeds up to 402kph.

What is the cost for an electric motorcycle?

Electric bikes can vary greatly in price, starting from a few thousand dollars while some of the most expensive electric bikes can cost tens of thousands of bucks.

Do I need a licence for an electric motorbike?

Yes. To ride a good electric motorcycle on Aussie public highways, you do require a motorbike license.

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