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Being marketed as a sports commuter bike, it still offers somewhat of an aggressive riding position, along with true sport bike like specifications which is one of the reasons why Shopan went for the RTR 4V.

The TVS Apache RTR one hundred sixty 4V has become one associated with the most popular bikes in the current motorcycle market in Bangladesh. Offering best inside class features and performance, similar to that of more premium models, the bike became an instant hit when it was launched in the country nearly four years ago.  

But how well does the impressive functions and specs on paper translate into real-world use?  

Mohammad Bin Sultan Shopan, who has been using the particular Apache RTR 160 4V for over two years now, says that he has ridden over twenty two, 000km on it and the bike could “keep up with the particular premium bicycles like my tour mates’ Suzuki GSX-S, Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha R15 and MT-15. ” 

A motorbike enthusiast, when Shopan bought the 4V back in 2020, he was looking to replace his Suzuki Gixxer.  

“When I wanted to replace the Suzuki Gixxer after riding for more than 67, 000km, I had the option to go for that newer Gixxer, Honda Hornet, Ford Xblade or even the particular Bajaj Pulsar. ” Shopan said. “Yet, the first generation 4V catered to me the most using the performance figures as nicely as the particular features this offered at that will time. ” 

He offers used their Apache RTR 160 4V since 2020 to commute between his workplace in Banani and Uttara while occasionally going on long trips with his bike.  

“I’ve been using my 4V for the last 2 years and have ridden it for over 22, 000km already, ” said Shopan.  

At today’s time, the majority of non 4V users would consider the Indian sport bicycle to be a dangerous one, given the 4V owner’s reputation for frequent crashes. The particular bike certainly isn’t for everyone, provided its raw power.  

The model, which has a “Racing DNA” the particular bike company put this, is known to be the fastest in its segment plus requires proper sport bikes like body weight shifts and braking reflexes with regard to highway joy rides.  

But this is exactly why Shopan, given his passion for bicycles, chose the 4V to replace their Suzuki Gixxer Monotone 

The 4V is powered by a 160cc 4-stroke single cylinder carburetor engine, which produces 16. 6 Bhp and 14. 8 Nm of torque mated to a five speed manual transmission. This will be known to make the bike go from 0-60km/h in the range of just 4 seconds, similar to that of the Japanese 150cc sports bikes.  

Besides, despite being promoted as a sports commuter bicycle, it still offers somewhat of an aggressive riding placement, along with true sport bike like specifications which is one of the particular reasons why Shopan went for the 4V.

When Shopan purchased his first generation 4V, the second era 4V X connect model was already available in the particular market and even offered bluetooth connectivity, ABS and more recent looks.  

Yet, according to Shopan, the older model is the particular one he could “connect the most” with. Besides, the newer refreshed model is further known regarding electrical issues and its resilience to the integration of aftermarket performance parts.  

Till now, Shopan has done the plethora associated with performance modifications to his bike, which included replacing the stock dual outlet exhaust along with R9 H2 with custom ss bend pipe, racing coils plus air filter, NGK laser iridium plug, DID race chain and Jomthai racing sprocket.

Despite no official dyno results, it can be easily assumed that this particular 4V makes way a lot more power than the regular ones, provided the acceleration and the top speed within the 150s as tested by Shopan himself on empty roads.  

“After my motor break-in was complete, I could easily proceed 35-37 km/l in the particular city whilst on the highway our mileage was close in order to 40km/l, ” Shopan stated. “However, after the adjustments, my mileage dropped to near the early 30s during city rides and 35-37km/l on highways. ” 

The mileage is a long known complaint about TVS bikes. However, given the particular aftermarket parts in this particular model, typically the lower mileage was to be expected. Some other disadvantages of this bike as per the users are the brakes and the stock tyres for which Shopan has gone for aftermarket Yongli brake pads in order to even automotive aftermarket 100mm front and 140mm rear MRF Masseter tyres.  

“If I purchased either a Gixxer, the Hornet or even this X blade, I would not have cared but about the brakes plus tires. But you can’t be too careful about these things, especially after often the performance upgrades. ” Shopan explained why he upgraded the brakes.

But the upgrades were totally worth your time in addition to effort. Shopan has used the bike for a lot of tours on the highways and even continues to be able to ride it daily with regard to commute, almost as if embodying the ‘sport commuter’ category the bike sells under.  

“Till now, I’ve travelled for you to Sylhet, Mymensingh as well as Chattogram on my bike, ” said Shopan.  

“Some of my best memories were when I could keep up with the premium bikes like my tour mates’ Suzuki GSX-S, Suzuki Bandit, Yamaha R15 together with MT-15 along with my ‘commuter bike’ at highway speeds. Riding the bike upon the Naval Headquarter road near Patenga sea beach or around the famous Bayezid Link Road in Chattogram are also some of our best memories within the bicycle. ”


Engine: 160cc four stroke, single cylinder oil cooled engine

Transmission: 5 speed manual 

Power: 16. 6 Bhp

Torque: 14. 8 Nm



Top speed 

Riding position 

Build quality 



Stock TVS tires 


Faulty speedometer 


Ngk laser iridium plug (USA) 

NMW Racing coil

Racing air-filter Hurricane 

MRF Masseter Tyres: Front- 100/80-17, Rear- 140/70-17

RCB brake hose pipe front and rear

Yongli brake pads

R9 H2 series exhaust together with full system bend pipe

DID racing chain (1100 gram)

Jomthai racing sprocket 

p9 LED 12000 lumen 55 watt LED headlight

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