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Many of us are looking to more eco-friendly forms of transport for both environmental and economical purposes, and one  great alternative to driving everywhere is  swapping out your  car for a bike. To make things a little easier, what if that bike gave you a helping hand in the form of electric assistance, plus didn’t cost the  earth? Our pick of the best electrical bikes under £1000 will hopefully entice you to make the switch if you haven’t already.  

  • Biggest bargain electric bike below £1, 000: Halfords Assist Hybrid

  • Best folding electric bicycle under £1000: Fiido D11

  • Best electric bike under £1000* overall: Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Best value road. cc-recommended folding electric bicycle: B’Twin 500E 20 inch electric flip bike

  • Greatest for added extras: Dawes Arc II Folding

  • Best step-through electric bike under £1000: Elops 900 Low Frame Electric City Bike

  • Best electric powered mountain bicycle under £1000: Carrera Vengeance E

  • A great substitute for buying a whole new e-bike: Swytch e-bike conversion kit

Even if you’re already an experienced  cyclist, sometimes a good ‘acoustic’ bike is a little lacking, especially if you aren’t someone who puts in regular miles on a weekly basis. Many of you may have also considered one of the best electric bicycles , but decided that the  price point of most e-bikes was just a little too steep to justify. Therefore, if you’re on a budget and want an electric bike for additional assistance, our selection of the best electric powered bikes under £1, 500 should  have you covered.

Of course there will certainly be compromises at this super budget price, which we’ll dive deeper into in the Q+A under our own recommendations. In short, those compromises will be found within the frame materials, motor and specification  of things like the particular gearing and brakes.

While a higher end electric bike might get a powerful mid-motor, hydraulic disc brakes and perhaps even a carbon frame, at the spending budget end if you’re invariably going to see less punchy motors embedded into one of your wheel hubs; these will still do the job for helping a person up the hill, yet probably aren’t suitable for hardcore e-bike rides on trails or trickier terrain.  

Your gearing is going to be mechanical, not electrical, and you’ll likely have much less gearing choices than upon higher end e-bikes. At below a grand, you’re also likely in order to see mechanised disc, rim or even v-brakes, which will be less powerful than hydraulic disc brakes, but will stop you nonetheless.  

As you’ll notice, there sadly isn’t that many electric powered bikes under £1, 000 any more that will get the full seal of approval (we’d strongly advise against cutting corners and buying cheap batteries to do a bodge job); but there are still some, and with our friends at eBikeTips helping us to come up with the recommendations from their sizeable reviews archive, whether a person want the city bicycle, hybrid or folding bike, our list should have an  option to suit your needs as well as style, and all with regard to under a grand!

If you manage to find an e-bike  a person like that will prove reliable over time, it should prove to be fantastic value for money, regardless of which usually one takes your fancy…  

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