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Modify Honda 125


Honda CG125 is, hands down, the most famous motorbike in Pakistan. Renowned for its durability and easy maintenance within the market. The younger bikers have realized the immense potential of accessorizing the Honda CG125. The possibilities are endless. Especially after the aftermarket parts and accessories started to boom in the marketplace. Today we discuss different accessory options for Ford CG125.

Accessory options for Honda CG 125 Accessory options with regard to the Honda CG125

Let’s look at the add-ons. We’ll commence with the more commodity-centric components and move down to the particular more premium ones.

Mounts Holders

Starting with the basics, let’s talk about mounts. Mount holders are an essential accessory in the modern era. They are holders for mobile phones or small gadgets, usually mounted on handlebars. These people are convenient during navigation and help you not miss important notifications. They were using a mobile phone while riding is not even a joke, so best to get a mount holder. The cost of an attach holder starts from PKR 700 in the market.


Mount holder


Headlights are also essential accessories. But it’s not just about the use now. It’s also about style. Headlamps available in the aftermarket are way better in performance and quality than the stock. It was the particular first thing I replaced on my Honda CG125. With so many choices in terms of power, colour, size and design. It comes down to the rider’s preference. They generally range from PKR 800 and can go up to PKR 9000. Let us have the look at a few Headlamps

Gauge Meter

The gauge meter upon the Ford CG125 is pretty basic. There are many options within the aftermarket that look much better and offer more functionalities like fuel indicators, trip meters plus gear count.


Tires are usually another essential accessory that will can furthermore give a good uplift to your Honda CG125’s look. Tires are available in the particular aftermarket in different widths, grip designs and polymer high quality. You can also be terrain specific and choose a tire according to your road conditions. Wheels usually vary from PKR 3000 and increase to 15000.


Seating accessories are another option that changes the overall look associated with your Honda CG125. This way, you may also adjust the height a little depending on the riding position you are going for. Be mindful that seats that express style are usually generally less comfortable in order to ride on.

Exhaust Tips

Ford CG 125 has the best-sounding exhaust in any stock motorbike but not the best looking; if you want your motorcycle to say more daunting or to change the look simple, you have plenty of options within the aftermarket. Exhaust tips usually cost around PKR 5000 plus go up to a whopping PKR 50, 000.

These were some accessory options for the particular Honda CG125 we had for you today. Be sure to check out regarding more—Rawalpindi has an excellent aftermarket if you want to accessorize your bike in any way and any range. This a small tip intended for all the grease monkeys out there.


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