PT Solutions of Duluth Offers Certification in Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy in Duluth

There are many reasons to pursue a certification in manual therapy. These programs are evidence-based, research-driven, and can help you provide the best care to your patients. Some certifications include pelvic health, dry needling, and pain science. They will teach you how to use these techniques to treat specific health issues.

PT Solutions of Duluth

Manual therapy is a type of physical therapy that aims to improve strength and mobility. It is helpful for patients with orthopedic, neurological, and pediatric conditions. PT Solutions of Duluth offers manual therapy as well as speech therapy and occupational therapy. They also provide pediatric therapy and perform pediatric rehabilitation.

Manual therapy is a type of physical therapy that involves using different techniques for patients. The practitioners at PT Solutions of Duluth are certified by various organizations and have years of experience. They use evidence-based practices, such as dry needling, to treat their patients. They are also certified in pain science.

Annita Gibson, PT

Annita Gibson, PT, offers physical therapy in Duluth to help patients heal from injuries and other conditions. She has been practicing in the area since 2001. Annita earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the College of Saint Scholastica. While earning her degree, she gained experience by working alongside chiropractors, massage therapists, and other therapists. Originally from Cook, MN, Annita currently lives in Monticello with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys four-wheeling, hunting, and spending time with her family.

Manual therapy is a type of physical therapy. Annita Gibson, PT, uses various manual therapy techniques to help patients heal. She has many certifications and her philosophy of treating patients is evidence-based. She also offers 13 continuing education units (CEUs) that can be used toward maintaining your Minnesota license.

Todd Perry, PT

Manual therapy is a treatment method in which physical therapists use specific hands-on techniques to treat patients with various conditions. These techniques are meant to help patients with muscle tension, restore joint mobility, and improve nerve function. These techniques use the power of human touch and work with other forms of therapy.

Todd Perry, PT offers manual therapy for a variety of conditions, including low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and shoulder disorders. He is a certified manual therapist and a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists Association. His practice provides individualized treatment centered around the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Jarrod Winkels, MA PT, DPT

Jarrod Winkels, MA PT and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Annita Winkels are both skilled physical therapists. They both hold Masters and Doctorate degrees in physical therapy and have received extensive postgraduate training in therapeutic exercise and manual therapy techniques. Their specialties include treating sports injuries, orthopedic problems, and neck pain. They are also knowledgeable about treating women’s health issues including pelvic pain and bowel dysfunctions.

Annita Gibson, MA PT, DPT

Manual therapy is a type of therapy that uses various techniques to treat patients. The techniques used in manual therapy are evidence-based and research-driven. Some of these techniques include dry needling, pelvic health, and pain science. Depending on the certification program, manual therapy certification may count for 13 CEUs toward a Minnesota license.

Annita Gibson, MA PT,DPT has been practicing physical therapy in Duluth, MN since 2001. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the College of Saint Scholastica. She then gained a wide range of experience in a variety of settings, working with other physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. Annita is originally from Cook, MN and currently lives in Monticello with her husband. Her hobbies include hunting, four-wheeling, and spending time with her family.

Annita Winkels, DPT

Annita Winkels, DPT is a licensed physical therapist practicing in Duluth, Minnesota. She accepts Medicare and may accept Medicare assignment. She will not bill you more than your Medicare deductible and coinsurance. She is currently accepting new patients. CareDash is a transparent resource for patients and their families. This provider’s information is sourced from public records in the NPPES NPI registry.

Annita Winkels, DPT offers manual therapy for people who are experiencing pain. She focuses on treating the whole body to address the root cause of the problem, and her practice uses her hands to restore movement. Her approach empowers her patients, giving them the confidence to live their lives fully. Her mission is to help her patients regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.

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