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lf you crash your Suzuki or have it stolen and you’re in Great Britain, Suzuki GB wants to make cleaning up the aftermath as painless as possible. Any Suzuki owner involved in an accident or theft only needs to dial up  Suzuki First , a dedicated call center available 24/7. From there, the entire claims process, recovery, and repair, will be handled on the owner’s behalf – no prior  sign-up required. Suzuki GB claims this is an industry first. Will it spread to the colonies?

Suzuki GB Press Release:

Suzuki has launched its new motorbike accident aftercare programme, an entirely free service for all customers, regardless of age of machine, that aims to make dealing with the consequences of an accident or robbery as smooth and as pain-free as you possibly can.

The programme provides riders along with a single point of contact and will handle everything from liaising with insurance providers and recuperation of the motorbike, right through to the restoration at a good authorised Suzuki dealership using only Suzuki Genuine Parts.

The service is a motorcycle industry first, and by helping to remove a lot of the stress from what is already the high-stress situation, it highlights Suzuki’s ongoing commitment in order to its customers past the new motorcycle point of sale.

Sarah desires to fix your Suzuki.

With no sign-up needed, any Suzuki owner involved in an accident – regardless associated with their insurer – can benefit from the service by calling  Suzuki 1st , an ardent call centre available 24 hours a day. From presently there, the whole statements process, recovery, and repair, is going to be dealt with around the owner’s behalf.   Suzuki First   will also be there if the motorcycle is taken.

Jacob Lewis, Suzuki GB’s customer retention manager, commented, “We pride ourselves on our level of aftersales care at Suzuki, plus I think our clients will agree we put a great deal of effort into things like our own Suzuki Service Promise and our Vintage Parts Programme. Now, we’re really pleased to be able to further demonstrate our commitment to Suzuki owners with the Suzuki Incident Aftercare programme. Sometimes accidents happen and we know how stressful it is managing the fallout, arranging recuperation and dealing with insurance companies.  

“We aim to create this process as easy as it can be, by handling everything within the owner’s behalf. Not only that, simply by managing the process we may ensure that their Suzuki will be repaired to the highest possible standard, making use of Suzuki Genuine Parts and by fully trained and experienced Suzuki technicians. And best of all it is usually completely free, there is no charge in order to the proprietor. All they need to do is definitely call Suzuki First plus we’ll take it from right now there. ”

For more information on the  Suzuki Accident Aftercare program, click here .

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