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There is no vehicle more used, no mode-of-transport more common, and no sawari quite so quintessentially South and South-East Asian as the humble motorcycle. Two wheels, a seat, and small motor that turn those wheels through the chain. That is all you need for a motorcycle, particularly in a country like Pakistan where it is the low-cost, high-utility invention meant for everyday intra-city travel.  

In the rest of the world, the story is a little different. Motorcycles are either a passion or an indulgence designed to be taken out for long road-trips and pleasure rides. After all, a motorbike is one hell of a ride on a cool summer evening or a sunny winter afternoon, but for everyday journey it is less than comfortable — especially compared to cars and buses.   In Pakistan, however, motorcycles are usually the most prevalent form of transportation.  

Data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association’s (PAMA) statistics from FY 2007/8 to FY 2021/22 show that they not only dwarf every other category of vehicle, but they also sell in excess of all other vehicles combined. Multiple times over. And when you think motorcycles in Pakistan, you don’t have to look much farther than Honda of “mai te Ford hi le san” fame.

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