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This year, not that many new bikes were released locally. Most manufacturers revised their existing lineup with a new colour combination or something similar, so keeping track might have been easy for most bike enthusiasts. Even then, not all the new bikes received the recognition they should have gotten as they might have confused a new bike for a revised bike. Nonetheless, as another 12 months winds down, we look back at some of the most impactful motorbike releases this year – looking into the two-wheelers that had local fans talking.

Yamaha FZ-X 150

As the name suggests, this particular bike is from the same dynasty as the FZ-S or Fazer. It is the smaller version of the XSR for the FZ lineup, hence the very similar design. It shares the exact same engine while the FZ-S V3 which produces around 12. 4ps of power paired along with a 5-speed gearbox. Since it is related to the FZ lineup, its reliability is never an issue and you also never have to worry about the availability of its parts. The FZ-X is a great alternative to XSR for a lower budget if you’re out there looking to buy a scrambler. With Yamaha FZ-X 150, you get the reliability the FZ line will be known for and also get the menacing looks similar to the particular XSR. It is currently priced at Tk. 3, 57, 000.

TVS Raider 125

Earlier this year, the TELEVISIONS Raider 125 was launched in Bangladesh. At the first glance, one might even mistake it with regard to the Apache 4v because of the headlight and similar style language. Even though the Raider is a commuter bicycle, it looks aggressive plus sharp. Being a 125cc bike most people would think it doesn’t have enough energy, but in truth, this is the most powerful 125cc bike out there – with a power figure of 11. 3ps and an air and oil-cooled 3-valve engine, which is usually quite unusual. The speedometer has all the features that 4v has, plus an indicator to remind you to wear your helmet. It has SBT (Synchronized Braking Technology) for better braking stability and safety. Given the price point, it is probably the best bike you can buy regarding Tk. 1, 50, 500 in this segment.  

GPX Demon GR165RR

You might confuse this bicycle with the old GR165R since both the bicycles look identical as far as appears go, plus might have different colour schemes. The real difference lies in the motor, as it has a whole new 165cc liquid-cooled engine. You might think that the old one was furthermore 165cc then what’s the particular difference? Well, the difference is that the aged one experienced 2 valves and the new GR165RR offers 4 regulators. Rather than giving it a new look, they decided to increase the power of their existing bike, which already looks very menacing and ahead of its time. It produces 19. 2ps which usually on paper makes it the particular fastest sports bike in Bangladesh. To increase braking performance, they added a dual-channel ABS system as well. GR165RR is definitely the kind of bike that has sharp looks and can go fast when you want it to go fast. As per recommendations, you cannot get a better sport bicycle within the price of Tk. 3, 69, 000.

Lifan KPT 150 4V

The particular most powerful adv, as they say. Not only did these people change the appears of this bike but they also came up with a brand new 4-valve, 4 strokes, single-cylinder 150cc liquid-cooled motor that makes 20. 4ps associated with power. To put that will in perspective, the older KPT used to make around 14. 8ps. That’s almost 6 more horsepower, which can be an insane upgrade intended for a motorcycle. Even along with all that strength, at the end of the day, it’s an adv, so the top speed is certainly capped in 136 kmph which is more than enough for effortless highway riding. Some people may be concerned about the mileage of the particular bike given that it provides so much power but worry not really, this bicycle gives close to 40-45 kmpl, as per Lifan themselves. This also comes with abs as standard so braking won’t be a problem. If you’re out there looking to purchase an adv that’s not only comfortable but also has power, Lifan KPT a hundred and fifty 4v is usually the way to go. The bike is valued at Tk. 3, 30, 000.  

Yamaha R15M V4

This is the long-awaited bike that everyone was waiting to get. Unlike other bikes that use 4v in the names of their bikes to represent it has 4 valves, Yamaha on the other hand utilized ‘v4’ in order to represent that it is the 4th generation associated with R15. However , that does not mean this bike won’t come with a 4-valve engine, pertaining to even the really first R15 v1 that will launched within 2008 packed the valued 4-valve. For the 4th generation of the particular R15, they will launched two variants: the regular R15 and the particular R15M. Both the bikes are similar mechanically plus dimensionally, but what makes them different is that the R15M offers a quick shifter which makes shifting gears even more effortless. It’s the first ever bike in this segment to receive that.  

This bicycle also provides the same 155cc liquid-cooled 4-valve engine that the last generation got but the power will be detuned meant for better dependability. Now this produces 18. 4ps power which, on the streets, isn’t quite noticeable. The design of the R15 was heavily inspired by its bigger sibling, the particular R6. This particular bike has a lot of brand new techs such as you won’t be able to start the bike if the bike is usually on stand, as well as Yamaha’s app called Y-connect with which you can connect your own phone to your bike. They have dual channel abs because standard. The all-new R15’s sitting position is less aggressive than that of the particular last era, so your back won’t get sore if you are riding for a long time. This bike is definitely one of the most premium and reliable bicycles in this particular segment that will money may buy. You can make it yours for Tk. 5, 70, 000.

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