Vince McMahon Returns to WWE

WWE News

Known worldwide for death-defying stunts, emotional storylines, and captivating characters, WWE is the world’s largest professional wrestling brand, reaching around a billion households every week. The company creates seven hours of original programming per week, and its roster is comprised of Superstars from across the globe.

The Founder of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon, returns to the company he founded in an effort to facilitate a sale. But whether the former chief executive will help or hurt a potential deal remains to be seen.

As CNBC reported last month, the WWE is looking at its options ahead of media rights negotiations. A sale could provide a financial windfall, but it also risks upending the storied company.

While the notion of a sale isn’t new, it’s increasingly attractive to buyers after a sexual misconduct scandal rocked the company in July. There are pros and cons to the idea, but a lot depends on how much money McMahon is willing to invest in the company.

Ahead of a possible deal, McMahon is returning to the company’s board of directors as it looks into its strategic alternatives. In addition to the board’s existing members, he has installed himself and two former executives.

But that doesn’t mean that he will be on the front line of any dealmaking. Instead, he may serve as an advisor, or even play a role in the drafting of the transaction documents, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

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